Matt Hepworth

As Head of Business Development for Gravitas Consultancy Solutions, I love building sustainable, long-term client relationships that are based on identifying our clients’ challenges then creating and delivering solutions to these challenges. I have always approached building relationships based on acting with honesty and integrity, even if that means having difficult conversations, as it builds trust and loyalty that endures.

I pride myself on working hard and striving for excellence in everything I do: working in my role where there is an intrinsic link between these elements and success – and in an organisation that holds itself to equally high standards, is both highly rewarding and highly challenging, which ultimately is what makes me tick!

In terms of choosing a favourite Gravitas value, it is a tough one to call as all the values resonate strongly with me. If I had to choose it would be Excellence as that drives everything I do both in and outside of work. In order to achieve excellence, I think you must live and breathe the other Gravitas values of respect, integrity and passion.