Senior Data Modeler

HK$60000 - HK$90000 per month
Hong Kong
Apr 12, 2024
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The data modeler designs, implements, and documents data architectures and data models for solutions, which include the use of application, relational, dimensional, and NoSQL databases. These solutions support enterprise information management, business intelligence, operations, machine learning, data science, and other business interests.


  1. Be responsible for the development of the conceptual, logical, and physical data models, oversight of the implementation of RDBMS, operational data stores (ODS), application databases, data marts, and data lakes on target platforms (SQL/NoSQL/cloud/on-prem).
  2. Oversee and govern the expansion of existing data architecture and the optimization of data query performance via best practices.
  3. Implement business and IT data requirements through new data strategies and designs across all data platforms (application, relational, dimensional, and NoSQL) and data tools (reporting, visualization, analytics, operations and machine learning).
  4. Work with business and application/solution teams to implement data strategies, build data flows, and develop conceptual/logical/physical data models
  5. Define and govern data modelling and design standards, tools, best practices, and related development for enterprise data models.
  6. Identify the architecture, infrastructure, and interfaces to data sources, tools supporting automated data loads, security concerns, analytic models, and data visualisations.
  7. Hands-on modelling, design, configuration, installation, performance tuning, and sandbox POC.
  8. Work proactively and independently to address project requirements and articulate issues/challenges to reduce project delivery risks.


  • Strong communication skill, good oral English.
  • 3+ years of hands-on relational, dimensional, and/or analytic experience (using RDBMS, dimensional, NoSQL data platform technologies, and ETL and data ingestion protocols).
  • Experience with data warehouse, data lake, and enterprise big data platforms in multi-data-centre contexts required.
  • Good knowledge of metadata management, data modelling, and related tools (Erwin or Visual Paradigm or others) required.
  • Experience in team management, communication, and presentation.


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