Automation QA Engineer - up to HKD 50K monthly

HK$420000 - HK$600000 per annum + fixed 13 months with discretionary bonus
Hong Kong
Jun 7, 2024
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Expected Accountabilities

  • Conduct QA Testing
    • Conduct functional testing on the features newly or issue fix delivered by Developers to verify following;
      • Delivered development truly fulfils the business requirement/resolves the issue originally requested
      • Identify associated existing modules/functions and validate there is no regression/side effect to them
    • Build Test Automation
      • Turn the standard repetitive Test scenarios that are tested manually today into automated process using all available tools (e.g. RPA, DevOps Test Plan etc…)
    • Test Case
      • Always search for any scenario/use-case that needs to be tested as part of QA, and maintain it into the Test Case List


  • Required Level of Education: Degree Holder
  • Relevant Experience:
    • At least 5 years work experience on IT System Implementation Project
    • At least 3 years work experience with Functional Tesetin on System Applications
  • Required Skills
    • Knowledge of application system development life cycle with Excellent analytical, problem solving skills
    • Skillset to comprehend the functional requirement stated in Functional Requirement Document (prepared by Business System Analysts)
    • Handle/SQL/API to conduct initial analysis on database as part of testing
    • Ability to clearly/cleanly/concisely describe the issue
    • Ability to see things from both IT and End-user's perspective to determine the acceptance criteria
    • Skillset to leverage tools for automating Testing Process
    • Excellent in conducting research into system and operational issues, keen attention to details
    • Mind-set of teamwork, collaborative environment
  • Competencies
    • Experience with any Tool to facilitate QA/Testing process on IT application (e.g. RPA such as UiPath, Cucubmer, Seleniuim, Cypress, JMeter, RestAssure etc…)
    • Web Application development (incl. debugging) is a plus
    • Experience with Cloud platform and Database is a plus
    • Work with DevOps or any kind of Development Process Tool


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