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How Gravitas Can Develop Your Recruitment Career

6 months ago by Gravitas Recruitment Group
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At Gravitas, we are proud to have an established leadership development programme, which has provided great opportunities for the young leaders to grow and take a step further in their career.

With our award-winning learning and development programme, as well as the two different development paths, there are many areas of training that senior consultants and experienced recruiters, canutiliseto help achieve excellence and reach their potential.

We sat down with our Gravitonians, Katy Lee - Principal Team Lead and Ceci Yeung -Team Lead, based in our Hong Kong office, to discuss:

  • What they experienced as part of the Gravitas development programme

  • What options are available as part of the Gravitas’ Career journey

  • How they contribute to other Gravitonian’s career journeys

  • Any advice for future Gravitonian’s?

Take a look and see what they said in our video.


If you are interested in exploring a career with Gravitas, visit our Career page to learn more.

Video Transcript

Introduce your career journey at Gravitas
We have two career paths. One is an Individual Path and another one is Team Leader track. I joint as Consultant 1 and get to Consultant 3. And then Senior Consultant. And then Principal Consultant, then Practice Lead. Being in individual path for a couple of years. I started to think about what's next for myself as development. Then, I kind of feel like go to Team Leader path.
What makes Gravitas’ Career journey stand out?
The training that we get from our global training team, it's always like training together with people from another desk. During the training, you kind of really be able to build a bonding. Just get to know people, to mingle with people.

I got lots of market information from my line manager so that we can get familiar with the markets very quickly after joining Gravitas. There are lots of on-task training so that we can have chance to enhance our communication skills with the candidates. And we can have a better understanding on the whole recruitment cycles. There are lots of training provided to our line managers.

They give me a room to try out the Team Leader path. Gravitas provides a lot of trainings to develop our leadership skills so I can take this chance to train up my mentality.

Quite a lot of mental support that I get the feeling that even if I fail, they will support me anyway.

Gravitas senior leaders lead the team with empathy. They create a very supportive and compassionate work environment. They show empathy and understandings to employees on work. They provide lots of support to us and truly want us to achieve something big in our career. Gravitas provides some opportunities to young leader to grow their career at Gravitas.

How to you contribute to other Gravitonians’ career journeys?
I really give out everything I have to my juniors. Try to help them to grow. To get to tap into the market. Have a lot of connection and market knowledge. And I am very confident that I can offer a lot of support and training.

I am now working very closely with some junior consultants to support their career development at Gravitas. I want to educate them so they can become self-motivated.I would like to contribute my knowledge to the junior consultants to help them to grow their skills by providing support and guidance to the teammates. I hope I can and create a harmonious and supportable environment. I feel so excited to see another young leader come from our team.

Any words of wisdom for the new Gravitonians
Try to enjoy the process and learn from every mistake or every up and down times. Just keep doing it and don't lose faith.

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