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Are you considering your next opportunity in Software Development? As award-winning specialists in Technology recruitment, we have over 14 years of experience delivering a high-quality service to Developers across Asia, finding excellent positions with market-leading businesses in the Banking and Insurance sectors. 

Whether you are a Junior Developer, or Full-Stack Developer, our trusted consultants are driven to help you with your career development, providing expert guidance on what skills you need to be learning to stand out in the market and exploring in-demand opportunities including Front Office Developer, Quant Developer, RAD Developer, System Analyst, Full-Stack Developer and Front-End Development.

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In-demand Developer positions 

Front Office Developer

In Banking institutions, Front Office Developers have a key technical position in developing inhouse software applications for the Front Office. As a collaborative role, they will communicate across teams and departments to understand client requirements for future software. Developers will then provide an end-to-end process to design and implement applications, ensuring they are delivered to best practice.

In this process, skills low latency programming is ideal for this type of profession. There may be more specific specialist Developers depending on the organisation or market need, or even IT structure, for example, Equity Derivative Developers are currently high in demand. 

Quantitative (Quant) Developer

Quantitative Developers provides a key technical role for Banks, developing their models, tools and providing technical solutions towards improving overall business strategy. Quant Developers are specialists in implementing or optimising existing trading algorithms, using programming languages such as Python, C++ or Java, alongside high analytic capabilities. 

Successful professionals will be able to use market knowledge in developing high-performing trading applications from creation to deployment. 

RAD Developer (Rapid Application Development)

RAD Developers are a key part of the Front Office function in Banks, building applications to enhance RAD tools, as well as providing maintenance. They will manage an end-to-end process, through gathering requirements to understand the needs of the RAD team to deployment phase. Within their skillset, they will have programming skills across C#, Python and/or VBA. 

RAD Developers enhance an organisation’s ability to work more efficiently and increase productivity in the improve of these applications. 

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System Analyst

System Analysts provide a technical responsibility in evaluating an organisations current system and create a vision on how the system can be enhanced to meet the overall business need. 

Depending on the organisation, System Analysts will vary from role to role, but typically will merge responsibilities between a Developer, Business Analyst and Vendor Management. For instance, they may have a hands-on responsibility within the system for maintenance, updates, or troubleshooting; but a strong role in communicating across different teams to gather requirements. 

Front End Developer

Front End Developers are responsible for creating and managing visual design, interactive and framework elements of an application or website. They will use programming languages such as HMTL, CSS and JavaScript to create these applications or website pages. An important part of this role is also testing and problem-solving bug issues. 

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers combine both skillsets from front-end and back-end development to become an overall technical expert in managing applications and website databases. They will have strong skills in HMTL, CSS and JavaScript front-end programming languages, and back-end languages such as SQL, PHP and Python, focusing on the user-interface and server side of applications or websites. 

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Top tips to get hired in Software Development

Guidance from, Business Manager, Layton Warhurst

Are you giving a complete overview of your skills? 

Software development is a highly technical role, where Hiring Managers will look at how your technical expertise will fit into their organisation. On your CV, ensure you are highlighting the technical skills needed for the role you are applying to. If you do not have little to no experience of the technologies required, do not apply to the position. It will be a waste of your time and could mean you miss out on suitable roles for a period of 6-12 months. 

Be familiar with technical tests  

Technical tests are a regular addition to interview processes now, so you can demonstrate to Hiring Managers your technical competence. Unfortunately, I have seen candidates get rejected due to not being technical enough with these tests. Help can be found on websites such as Codility, Harkerank and Leetcode to understand your technical abilities and gain an understanding of where you may need to practice more.  

Build a portfolio 

A software development portfolio is essential in showcasing your skills, expertise and the impact you have made with previous organisations. The software and products you work on are likely to be different from business to business, so demonstrate your abilities and problem-solving skills through tangible evidence. 

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