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Are you interested in pursuing a future career in Actuarial, or are you looking to advance your Actuarial career? Our expert consultants can provide advice at all levels of your career helping to find you the most relevant opportunities with market leading consultancies, firms, and businesses in Hong Kong & Shenzhen. We aim to provide an excellent service to all professionals, whether that’s contract, permanent staff, or C-suite.
As a trusted partner in Insurance recruitment, we are experts across Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pensions Consulting, Investment Consulting, Health Insurance, and more. Learn more about our award-winning service.  

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Actuarial employees

We work with Actuarial professionals, who analyse and measure risk for insurance businesses or consultancies and calculate the potential impact of these risks on a financial aspect.
Actuaries often come from a background in mathematics, finance, and statistics. They will use their expertise in these areas, as well as financial market understanding, to help organisations move their financial strategy forward, ensuring financial well-being is stable and compliant to regulatory requirements. As well as this, they are important in identify merging trends, developing insurance products and determine appropriate rates for insurance coverage.
At Gravitas, our Actuarial consultants provide services to job seekers including:

  • Actuarial
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analytics
  • Consultants

The most in-demand Actuarial positions

We provide Insurance recruitment support in the following specialist areas.


Life Insurance Actuaries provide assistance in developing annuity and policies in life insurance. These consider risks such as age, gender, life expectancy and health. 
Actuaries specialising in life insurance will have responsibility in creating and pricing contracts, measure risk and deliver financial advice.
The key positions Gravitas recruit for in Life insurance are:

  • Risk Actuary
  • Valuation Actuary
  • Pricing Actuary
  • Capital & ALM Actuary
  • Model Development Actuary

Non-Life (General Insurance)

Non-life insurance includes Personal Insurance, Reinsurance and large complex direct P&C, Marine, Aviation as well as specialty risks.
In non-life insurance, some common job roles we recruit for are:

  • Reserving Actuary or Analyst
  • Risk Actuary or Analyst
  • Capital Actuary or Analyst
  • Pricing Actuary or Analyst
  • Consultants 


As the Insurance industry becomes more data-proficient, data analytics provides companies access to valuable insights, assistance towards risk evaluation and improve overall decision making. In-demand data specialist roles in insurance include:

  • Research Analyst or Actuary
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst


Pension actuaries provide guidance to trustees and companies in pension scheme management. Pension Lawyers or Administrators may assist pension actuaries to ensure secure pension schemes are achieved that fulfil the needs of employees and overall company. 

Key roles:

  • Employee Benefits Actuary
  • Retirement Actuary
  • Pensions Actuary


Investment Actuaries have a crucial position focusing on strategy development, evaluation, and interpreting investment risks, to advice clients on investment decisions. 
Key roles we recruit for include:

  • Investment Actuary
  • Investment Risk Actuary
  • Investment Consultant

Top tips for an Actuarial career

Expert advice provided by Director, Irene Yang 

Dedication to career progression

Perseverance is essential in a successful career as an actuary. Depending on the specialist area you would like to explore, it's important to understand what qualifications you need to start your actuary journey, as well as the right companies that can progress your career forward (i.e. SOA, CAS). The average time for an actuary professional to be qualified is four years, which typically includes a degree and qualification by a recognised actuary body. 

Understand market trends and how they might affect you

The insurance market is susceptible to change, with different trends or regulations affecting the sector every year. Not only does this affect businesses, but also impact job roles in Actuarial. By keeping a proactive eye on the market, you can understand the impact market change might have on your practices, underwriting decision, reporting and risk, allowing you to react accordingly and flexibly. 

Actuarial interview advice

During interviews for actuarial positions, it is common for Hiring Managers to use situational questions, so they can gain an understanding of how you overcome challenges, stakeholder management skills or communication skills. Make sure you prepare examples of when you have successfully managed conflict or overcame difficult stakeholders using the ‘STAR’ technique. Hiring Managers want to know you can read situations well, adjust behaviour accordingly and effectively come to a solution. 

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