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Are you look at further developing your career as an Accounting & Finance professional? Gravitas are specialists in Banking recruitment, providing a best-in-class service whilst we assist you in your career development aspirations. From market guidance and skills advice, find out how we can support you.

We recruit Accountants and Financial individuals in M&A, Treasury, Asset & Liability Management, Product Control, Valuation, Financial Audit as well as Reporting across Financial, Management, Regulatory and Investment. We cover all positions from temporary, contract and permanent opportunities. Discover how we can help you on your next job search. 

Accounting and finance recruitment consultant

In demand Accounting & Finance roles

Gravitas helps job seekers at all levels to secure positions in the following roles:

  • Finance Officer
  • Finance Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Accountant 
  • Treasurer

Regulatory Reporting

A crucial process in the Finance sector, regulatory reporting documents information about a firm’s operations and activities. A company must demonstrate to authorities that they have aligned with relevant legal requirements, providing services that are best practice and operating within the law. 

Professionals in regulatory reporting are well-trusted to ensure all activities are compliant, controlling risk through evaluation, inspection, and risk management. They determine the bank’s operations as stable and transparent to regulators. Professionals will also have a good understanding of banking products and services, while it’s an added advantage to have an understanding of banking activities too.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is a key process in banking firms and institutions to collect, document and analyse their financial activities. This data is communicated externally to potential shareholders, stakeholders, and investors to assist with their decision making, but also to evaluate the bank’s financial health. 

Professionals in this area are trusted in the management of the financial reporting process, reporting the organisation’s financial activities. They may foresee future financial health and use the analysis of data to provide recommendations towards improving the organisation's financial status. Some individuals may also provide reports to regulatory bodies, in similarity to regulatory reporting. 

Fund Accountant 

Fund Accountants are responsible for day-to-day accounting for a business, preparing accounts and reports for investment funds. They have a key role in ensuring businesses’ performance, such as transactions, statement and procedures are compliant with financial regulations.

By providing insights, recording of funds, and management of investment portfolios, Fund Accountants offer support in decision-making for successful funding tasks and implementing fund structures. They must be confident in numerical tasks, to analyse data and problem solve.


Treasurers are crucial in managing a company's money. Daily responsibilities include day-to-day cash flow management, risk assessment and supporting with finance decisions. Whilst there are some similarities to an Accountant, Treasurers will optimise cash flows, so they are aligned with the business’ goals.

Successful treasurers must have knowledge of financial markets and strategy, and be confident in risk management. Whilst they become close with the business and building valuable relationships, strong communication is an essential part of the position. 

Top tips for a career in Accounting & Finance

Expert advice from Associate Director, Alfred Chan


Qualifications are important

Being qualified is essential to a successful career in Accounting or Finance. Before embarking in this career, conduct research into what educational background is most relevant for the area you would like to go into, and the certifications you may need in the future. For instance, qualified accountants need a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification. 

A numerical mindset 

Accounting comes down to skills in numbers, analysis, and calculation. Whilst you do not need to be a genius in mathematics for this type of job role, its important you are confident in working with numbers and solving problems. This ability will develop the further you are in your career. Most importantly, make sure you enjoy working with numbers, so you can be passionate about what you do!

Ability to handle pressure 

Finance professionals will often face a high-pressure environment, working against reporting deadlines. It's important that you have resilience and a strong mindset to keep calm under pressure, so you can work as efficiently as possible without stress. 

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