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Are you struggling to find the right banking, insurance or technology contractors for your project or workforce? Gravitas specialise in finding skilled and experienced contractors across Hong Kong and Mainland China.

We strive to make the process as stress-free and transparent as possible. If you need a contract, interim or temporary worker, we can help.

Do you have both contract and permanent vacancies? We can help! Read about our wider hiring services.

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Advantages of using Gravitas for your contracting needs

Contract recruitment is an ideal solution for short-term projects, providing urgent staff cover, access to specialised skills quickly, as well as the ability to complete projects promptly and cost-effectively.

By engaging Gravitas for your contracting requirements, you gain access to our exclusive network of insurance, banking and technology professionals. This ensures that you will not only fill your roles swiftly but ensure compliance and quality at the same time.

We are proud to have assisted numerous businesses in building their contracting workforce, resulting in heightened productivity, an ability to scale their business up or down, creating an agile business model, all whilst reducing administrative burdens and introducing cost savings.

Contractor working in China

Why we value communication and transparency

Communication and transparency are Gravitas fundamentals as we believe that open and honest dialogue is the foundation for a successful partnership. Our team of specialists prioritises understanding your business' unique needs, and providing ongoing support throughout the recruitment process. We strive to connect you with the best and most suitable candidates who align with your organisation's values and long-term goals.

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The use of technology and robust processes

By embracing the latest recruitment technology and AI, we are able to optimise our recruitment process and lessen administrative burdens for all. Our brilliant compliance and operations team are winners of multiple awards, available to handle processes seamlessly. They manage contract processing, provide legal guidance, and establish timesheets and invoicing, prioritising accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. We are committed to maintaining compliance, safety, and quality, offering our team and clients the necessary tools and assistance they need.

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Our contractor recruitment process

Contract recruitment is a dynamic field, with highly skilled candidates in constant demand. It's crucial to maintain a streamlined process that keeps them engaged in your organisation’s job opportunities, surpassing your competitors so you can secure the best talent on the market. 

Scope of the position


We'll commence with a detailed meeting (in-person or remote) to thoroughly review the role, establish contract length, skillset and salary/rate.

Recruitment advice


Our expert consultants possess specialised market knowledge, enabling them to comprehend role demand, salary expectations, and candidate availability.

Plan of approach


We devise an effective market strategy to engage candidates through various channels including social media, databases, adverts, and leveraging our existing network relationships. Our proactive approach ensures we identify the most promising candidates.

Shortlist verification


An integral part of our process involves pre-screening calls with candidates to assess their skills and experience, to ensure alignment with your requirements.

Job interviews


Our consultants oversee the interview process, coordinating interviews with you and preparing candidates beforehand. We also conduct post-interview feedback calls with candidates and gather feedback from you to establish next steps.



In the event you identify a candidate you'd like to extend an offer to, we'll work with you to negotiate pay rates and start dates, while keeping all parties informed about contract progression and addressing any issues that may arise.

Discover why our clients and candidates continuously choose to work with our team and recommend us to others. Contact our contract team today for a no-obligation discussion about your unique recruitment needs.

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