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We are an award-winning recruitment agency, specialising in the banking and financial services industry. Our expertise lies in connecting talented finance professionals with banking job opportunities in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Our focus areas include:

Why use our banking recruitment services in Asia

Twice winners of HR Vendors Awards 'Best Financial Services Recruiter' in Hong Kong, we work hard to create extensive networks with banking professionals.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the niche areas of banking and financial services, we can provide quality services to our customers, maintaining full compliance, trust, and reliability. 

Our consultants work in dedicated teams covering things like accounting & finance, audit, risk & compliance, operations & transformation, front office, quants, HR, sales & marketing, relationship management and product development.

We provide skilled financial experts to some of the largest Banks and Capital Markets in Hong Kong.

Some of the key niche areas we cover include, Accounting & Finance, Audit, Risk & Compliance, Operations, Relationship Management and Quants.

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Awards & accolades

We’ve won numerous awards for every aspect of our business. Visit our awards page.

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