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How WeChat Can Support Your Search for an Insurance Job

3 years ago by Gravitas Recruitment Group
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Originally launching in 2011 under the name Weixin before being re-branded for international audiences the following year, WeChat has become a global success with over 1.25 billion users as of August 2021.

The social media platform which started off largely as a communication and entertainment app has grown its capabilities in the past decade, with Insurance and Banking employers starting to see it as a valuable tool for finding job candidates, posting about positions and advertising their business and brand.

Likewise, those looking for a change of role have had to find more unique ways to market themselves to prospective Financial Services employers in order to compete with a saturated candidate market. As of 2020 when employment growth in China fell to its lowest level in 40 years according to the International Labour Organisation, more people than ever began looking for ‘stable’ jobs in sectors like Insurance and Finance. Alongside this increased interest, the number of graduate workers entering the job market with bachelor's and master's degrees greatly increased between 2020 and 2021 as universities were made to expand their number of master’s candidates by almost 25%.

So how can WeChat help you stand out from the competition and support your search for a Financial Services or Insurance job?

See what prospective employers are doing and get involved

As of December 2018, more than 50 insurance companies in China had created public WeChat profiles according to the Society of Actuaries to advertise their businesses and services, with Pacific Insurance saying that “WeChat has provided another channel for communication and service between insurance companies and customers.” 

Prospective employees can use this influx of profiles to their advantage and follow insurance companies that may be of interest to them to learn more about their culture, values and potential positions which can help inform your decisions about next career steps. Using the News Feed feature is also a useful way of keeping an eye on company and industry developments, so you are up to date on important news.

Show your best side 

Like any social media platform, if you look at businesses, the chances are they will also look at you when it comes to the pre-interview or final decision stage. With that in mind, you should be careful about what you post and content that may make you come across as undesirable. To get the most out of your social presence you can:

  • Keep your profile updated – This will give companies a recent insight into your background and skills.

  • Draw attention for the right reasons– If you have a passion or skill for something, WeChat is a good place to demonstrate it and may help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you publish an insightful article on a topic of interest or content showing off your coding capabilities, posts that highlight your key skills can help get you noticed by others in the insurance industry and make a positive impact.

Build your network

Taking the time and following the correct steps to advertise yourself is a worthwhile investment, however if you don’t use WeChat to its full communicative advantage, you may miss out on great opportunities. Build your network by making connections with people that post about or work in the industry to get valuable insight or join like minded groups to find out about other people’s job search journey and their top tips for work experience or interviews. 

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