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Key IT Qualifications to Boost Your Career

2 years ago by Gravitas Recruitment Group
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Soft skills such as communication, organisation and having an analytical mindset are all key factors that will set you apart in information technology, however, it is important to know what else employers are looking for to give you the edge when looking for a next career step. Some other facets traits that can set you apart are qualifications along with experience, training, self-learning and even hobbies.

The requirement for IT and Technology specialists in Asia has been continually growing over the past few years and has become even more apparent over the course of the past few years as a result of Covid-19. The pandemic highlighted an increased need for these workers as the need for Digital Transformation accelerated and more companies than ever rushed to adopt new technologies and effectively implement remote and virtual working. 

As a result, the skills gap has widened, with 50% of the most in-demand professional skills in APAC covering IT and technology according to a Workforce of the Future2021 report. The report, which surveyed companies from a cross-section of top industries such as IT & technology, banking, investment & insurance and professional services also showed that technology roles make up 63% of in-demand roles in China, 56% in Hong Kong and 53% in Singapore.

With such high demand, it is a great time to upskill and develop your IT qualifications to secure the role that is right for you with the best rates possible. 

What companies are looking for 

While businesses are always looking for Information Technology talent across a wide range of specialisms, the past year has seen increased interest in roles involving newer technologies and development areas such as:

  • Cyber Security

  • JavaScript Development 

  • Software Engineering

  • Cloud Computing

Across these varied roles, there are key ‘soft’ skills that employers look for in almost all IT specialists, including critical thinking, problem-solving and working well under pressure. However, to find and obtain the role you want in a specific IT discipline, you will need to possess relevant IT qualifications.

How to boost your IT skills 

Building on your existing skills or expanding your knowledge into new areas can give you more freedom over the role or opportunities you want to pursue and there are several ways to achieve this. While traditional routes like undertaking dedicated long-term education pathways such as bachelor's and postgraduate degrees are a great way to learn new specialisms, they are not the only route.

Other options include online courses which are available in thousands of varieties, ranging from free, flexible courses that can be completed around your schedule, to more detailed formal training plans, exams and certifications that you can purchase.

Top recommendations to help you develop your IT qualifications

Free resources:

Open University Courses– Access over 1,000 free courses to complete at your own pace.

National Careers Service Skill Toolkits– With courses in digital design and UX, Computer Science and Coding languages like HTML and Python, you can develop your IT skills for free.

LinkedIn Learning (Beginner Computer Skills)- Find detailed video resources on a range of topics like Programming languages and HTML to improving interview skills.

FutureLearn– Join short online courses from top UK universities and specialist organisations with the option to buy paid upgrades for extra content and accreditations. 

Paid resources:

CompTIA Library– This expansive library of 10 industry-recognised certifications will give you over 200 hours' worth of learning on all areas of networking from entry-level fundamentals to in-depth cyber security and cloud modules.

Udemy Developer Courses– No matter whether you are starting from scratch or already have coding skills that you want to improve upon, Udemy offers a developer course for every level of experience.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate– Developed by Google to help course attendants learn the most in-demand IT skills from troubleshooting to de-bugging and using the Linux system. 

The Complete Adobe® Web and Graphic Design Master Package– This extensive package includes 154 courses to help you learn every aspect of Web and Graphic Design.

New Skills Academy– Choose from courses on a range of computing subjects like Coding, Graphic Design and Website Development.

Gravitas provides specialist recruitment services in key niche talent areas like Technology to help you find the perfect job to utilise your skills. Get in touch today and see how our team can help.

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