Debbie Jackson

With 25 years of market experience, it was important to me to join a company with values that I respect, where D&I is of great importance and the environment allows people to flourish. Bringing my passion for recruitment to an equally passionate business allows me to contribute to the bigger picture and the growth plans of the business. Feeling valued for my contributions is a great aspect of being a Gravitonian.

Whilst Respect, Integrity and Passion are extremely important vales in my work life, Excellence is probably my favourite RIPE value - Excellence is something that is never fully reached but always strived for at Gravitas as individuals, teams and overall as a business.

D&I at Gravitas is important to me because we are all human beings, but what makes life interesting is our differences. I enjoy connecting with people of different backgrounds and believe we should respect and celebrate these differences.  

Bringing a diverse and inclusive work force together also creates a more innovative and creative way of working by mixing different views and ideas enabling the business to perform at its best, with equal opportunities for all.