Jo Callaghan

Having worked for Gravitas since 2012 and growing from a Business Manager to a Director in that time, I have learned that being a Gravitonian is something that is inherent in someone and is a mindset that we all share.The company was built on a DNA of values, with everything else shooting out from there. Being part of something that has such a strong foundation makes everything else seem that much easier to achieve and because we are all surrounded by such like-minded people, dreaming big is simply another day at the office! 

To be a Director in a company like this is a privilege –I first came into recruitment as an in experienced graduate and being developed to rise through the ranks by people you trust and genuinely care for, is not the norm. Gravitas is run from the top down with some of the most talented, dedicated individuals in the industry and this sense of purpose trickles through the rest of the business. 

Trying to choose a particularly significant core value is always difficult as all four are ones I am extremely passionate about (but I think that comment clearly dictates my winner!) 

Passion in life is something I think we all need not just to thrive, but to survive. My ethos in life is that if you are going to do something, do it well or don’t do it at all. To achieve this, you need passion for what you do; not just for the job, but the purpose behind the job, for the clients and candidates you represent and add value to and for your colleagues. It means going to work is something you look forward to; it becomes something you are vs something you do.