Joseph Thushe

Gravitas is about creating opportunities. I have had the fortunate blessing to be part of Gravitas since it’s 1st year and when the chance was offered to me, it changed both my professional and personal life.

Because of this, I take it as part of my responsibility as Director to create an enhanced career platform for individuals to jump on and accelerate their lives with just as I was given that opportunity over a decade ago.

I think that Excellence is a great value because it is transferable. If you are awesome at something, you can transfer that excellence to help you be awesome at another thing.

We pride ourselves on having a high-performance culture and I think the formula for this is simple -do the basics well and consistently to be a top biller, a top team leader or a top manager. To be excellent, you need to make some sacrifices to achieve great goals - aim high and make no excuses.