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Are you considering a rewarding career in IT Transformation? As one of the biggest industries, technology plays an important part in shaping organisations and their systems, processes, and services, allowing them to achieve more impact and improve work efficiencies. 

As Tech recruitment specialists, we have over 14 years’ experience in creating and developing valuable relationships with organisations across Hong Kong, specifically in Financial Services including Banking, Cryptocurrency and Asset Management.  

We provide services to job seekers of all levels, including Project & Programme Managers, Business Analysts, Change Managers, Product Managers and Business Managers.

Gravitas IT transformation recruitment consultant

Our clients are looking for professionals in the following specialist areas. 

Business Analysts

Organisations acquire Business Analysts to analyse and evaluate their current processes, systems, and operating models, to find solutions on how they can better their work processes, customer experience, and revenue.

Business Analysts vary between organisations, but common types are: 

  • IT Business Analyst 
  • Business Process Analyst 
  • Process Architect
  • Business Architect 

Common skills include gathering requirements, documentation, process mapping and stakeholder management. Hiring Managers are more likely to hire Analysts with qualifications or experience in methodologies such as Agile or Lean Six Sigma. 

Project & Programme Managers 

Project Managers or Programme Managers have a key responsibility in ensuring projects are delivered successfully, by using various techniques, processes, and methods. They must have effective communication and stakeholder management to acquire valuable relationships between suppliers, teams, and departments. 

The roles we commonly recruit for include:

  • Project Manager
  • Programme Manager / Director
  • PMO Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • SCRUM Master 
  • Transformation Manager 

Some organisations may require Project or Programme Managers who are competent with Prince 2 or Agile methodologies. 

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Change Managers

When going through a period of transformation, organisations may hire Change Managers to help employees adapt and feel comfortable with new processes, systems or a service that is being implemented, to ensure maximum return on investment. They may follow a particular change principle, or processes based on methodologies.

Common hires within this space are:

  • Business Change Analyst
  • Change Manager
  • Head of Change 
  • Communications Lead

Effective communication is key in change management, as they will need to build trusted relationships across various stakeholders and business leaders, so they will be on board for the change being implemented. 

Product Manager

Product Managers or Product Owners are specialists within the product lifecycle and its processes. They will create product vision that a businesses’ customers can benefit from and assist in the production of the desired product. Within IT, this may refer to a digital product, service, or software.

Product management is a very collaborative position, working with different teams, such as Developers or Architects, to communicate the product goal and ensure progress from each team aligns with the product roadmap. It is highly beneficial to have specialist market knowledge to anticipate customer need for future business strategy. 

Business Manager 

Business Managers are responsible for front office business and the sales business operations, to ensure workforce productivity is at a high-level. As a customer-facing role, they will communicate with traders and external regulators on business activities, budget forecasting and operation workflows. 

In the Finance industry, many Business Managers have a background in operations and finance, or, alternatively have taken a step down from a Trader or Sales position. 

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Top tips for developing a career in Change & Transformation

Expert advice from our Asia Managing Director, Peter Barker


Become a specialist 

In IT Transformation, it's important to have a true understanding of your organisation’s activities, services, software, and products. By having a proactive interest, you will be able to use this to your advantage to develop valuable relationships in the business, how to get their buy in to new projects and also develop technical acumen.

Stakeholder management 

Stakeholder management is crucial in all these positions, and a skill that is developed over time. Not all stakeholders are the same, so make sure you learn from each experience. Gaining various techniques and understand how you can be more adaptive can truly create an effective-working relationship.

Make IT Transformation your passion 

As people-centric roles, IT Transformation professionals will collaborate with broad range of employees, managers, and stakeholders. You will need to be able to bring everyone on a journey with you to drive transformation. How? By being engaging and enthusiastic about what you are doing! You can then make it a positive experience for everyone as well as in your own experience. 

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